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Lip Injections for Wider Mouth

How to Create a Wider Mouth with Lip Injections

Many desire the need for lip filler, whether it be to create a fuller shape, a youthful, sexier looking lip, or to just simply rejuvenate the perioral region. Lip gloss and Lip plumpers can help but injections with a robust filler product like Restylane and Juvederm are options to create longer term results. Dr. Rajani discusses 3 things to consider when creating the wider mouth look:

Type of Product– Products like Hyaluronic Acid fillers are robust fillers that can create a beautiful shape to the lips. To create the “wider mouth look” filler with great structure, support, and one that does not draw in water can be considered such as Restylane. Products like Juvederm are also great, but tend to draw in more water when injected. Although a nice property, this in turn can create a more “sausage” type of pout that can look very unnatural. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are the most popular used injectable lip products. Because they are not permanent it can be dissolved as needed, but will slowly diminish overtime.

Anatomy– Lip injections is an art in progress and there are multiple ways to create the perfect lip for the perfect patient. Providers can use a variety of injection techniques like the standard or pillar technique to create custom lips that are unique and congruent to a patient’s anatomy and features.

Lip filler is typically fuller in the center along with a lateral taper. Flipping the lip forward with neuromodulators allows the injector to taper laterally with more filler product. Too much product in the center does not allow for the lateral taper. Stretch of fibers creates long-term collagen production; an added benefit of fillers even after the product dissipates. This stretching of fibers allows the creation of volume for the widened look.

The full face consult important to help address other areas that may also need to be taken are of with the use of other products like Botox or PDO Threads to create balance to the face – Can’t have new lips with an older looking frame and face. Creating a wider mouth look can accentuate a square face which if often seen with aging. Most important when injecting is to inject and fill while always considering a patient’s anatomy to avoid a bizarre or unusual look.

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