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New Dermal Fillers!!!!


News Flash!!! Galderma has recently received FDA approval of two new dermal fillers. Their names –  Restalyn Refyne® and Restalyn Defyne®. How are they different from the rest of the dermal fillers out in the aesthetic market place?

This is what we know….Both fillers have been approved recently to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and facial folding that occurs as we age. What we have found out is what specifically makes these dermal fillers different and unlike anything else on the cosmetic market is the way in which these Galderma fillers were created. Using XpresHAn technology, the fillers become a smooth injectable gel, helping to create the most natural looking result possible (which, of course, is what most patients want!). This innovative technology also customizes the degree of HA crosslinking in each product which than gives the product flexibility and therefore can be used in different manners. This is a benefit for the practitioner injecting as he or she can than specialize each aesthetic procedure for the different patient needs and properly address their concerns.

What’s the difference between Restalyn Refyne® and Restalyn Defyne®?
The main difference between the two fillers is that Restalyn Refyne is designed to be very flexible and provide subtle support while Restalyn Defyne is designed to be less flexible and provide additional support.

An interesting side note is that both of these dermal fillers by Galderma were first approved back in 2010. They were used in Europe under a different name – the brand name Emervel®. They are a very popular filler in the European market and been used in over a million treatments.

Dr. Rajani and team are excited about these new Galderma products  – Restalyn Refyne® and Restalyn Defyne®

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