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Non-Surgical Beautification

Often times a combination of treatments is needed to achieve the completed outcome the patient desires. In this video Dr. Rajani combines smooth PDO threads, platelet rich fibrin (PRF), Restylane HA filler, and MicroCannula lip injections to do just that! Dr. Rajani first uses a combination of HA filler and PRF injected in the nasal jovial groove. The combination of filler and PRF provides a smoother and natural look. PRF uses your own cell growth factor to help improve existing fat cells by making them more youthful and therefore healthier. This also helps with any dark circles or shadowing under the eye. The PRF is used alone directly under the eye to address crepey skin, replacing it with beautiful, smooth and bright skin. He utilizes any extra PRF along the brow bone to address the loss of brow projection and to stimulate hair growth giving the patient a healthy, beautiful brow. Next Dr. Rajani demonstrates how he uses smooth PDO threads just above the brow to add a little bit of volume for a healthy look and lifted brows. This lifted brow look compliments the PRF injected under the eye resulting in a rested and awake look for the patient. Smooth PDO threads are then used to lift the oral commissures, just to the side of the mouth. This is a very popular area for threads as it provides a lifting effect along the cheek bone. This corrects any drooping along the jowls and stimulates collagen production that can last 1-2 years!

Dr. Rajani completes the look by using a MicroCannula and HA filler to inject the lips, giving them a youthful plumpness. The MicroCannula provides a safer, more comfortable alternative for the patient that has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of bruising. This combination of treatments delivers the completed look desired by addressing the patient’s entire face giving her a gorgeous, youthful, and natural look!

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