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Non-Surgical Liposuction For Men

Restoring one’s natural beauty does not always pertain to women as can commonly be mistaken. Men, too, struggle as their bodies transition through the processes of aging. Testosterone levels decrease gradually while fat in the upper areas of the body fall, gathering in the abdomen and the waistline thus creating sagging skin in the chest area, unwanted volumes of fat in the lower abdomen, and “love handles”.

Fortunately, the solution to achieving a more sculpted look is now low maintenance and long term. CoolSculpting, as discussed by Dr. Rajani, is a permanent solution for removing fat cells without the need for needles, anesthetics, surgery or even down time. In one or more private sessions, the process of freezing the fat cells and programming them to die off over time occurs with this minimally invasive technique, unbeknownst to anyone else that there was even a procedure performed. Through the course of the weeks to follow, your body naturally metabolizes the fat cells destroyed by this process making for discreet, subtle results.

Dr. Rajani is a leading CoolSculpting practitioner whose results speak for themselves. For more information about this revolutionary procedure, we encourage you to visit
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