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Patient Testimonial on PlasmaSculpt

Dr. Rajani takes time and care when consulting with each patient. This video demonstrates how he listens to the patient’s concerns and then clearly describes the procedure he recommends based on his 15 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Our patient is identifying the common concerns of loss of elasticity, loss of fullness, appearance of fine lines, and overall crepey skin. Dr. Rajani explains to her how he will utilize the cutting edge procedure, PlasmaSculpt. This procedure will address her concerns in a natural way, achieving the beautiful and youthful result she desires. PlasmaSculpt combines collagen boosting Sculptra with growth stimulating PRF (platelet rich fibrin) in specific concentrations. The specific concentrations used are dependent upon the tissue that is being injected and are hand mixed by Dr. Rajani with precision and accuracy. Dr. Rajani will inject these different concentrations in different areas of the face in order to address the whole face rather than one specific area. This will create a natural, balanced, and youthful look that the patient will absolutely love.

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