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PDO ThreadLift -How many Threads do I Need- PDO and PLLA Facial Thread Lift

PDO and PLLA Facial Thread Lift

One of the most common questions that come up is how many threads are needed during a treatment.  Determining the vectors of the threads or exact placement can be challenging and there are many factors that determine exactly how much is needed.  Both PDO and PLLA threads are commonly available. NovaThreads has a new molded Infinity thread that is also available and has more lifting power and complements the traditional barbed threads used in clinics.  There are many images on social media showcasing a dramatic number of threads, such as 100 threads on the face and this can be very misleading.  

The thread lift alone is not a face lifting procedure.  Threads can be used with other treatments such as Botox and fillers to provide the ultimate lift and lasting results.  Dr. Rajani reviews PDO threads and the Thread Lift, sharing several factors that may answer the question, “How many threads do I need?”

Factors that determine how many threads you need

  1. Risk tolerance – More threads also means more discomfort, especially from barbed threads.  With this product, patients may actually feel the barb within the skin during treatment and throughout. Asking your patient about their pain and risk tolerance is a great starting point.
  2. Expectations of the patient – Nobody wants to go under the knife and in most cases, surgery should always be avoided.  Social media can be really deceiving and most clinics will only post their BEST pictures of their treatment.
  3. Type of face we treating and facial aging process – Patients who experience a heavier face and those who start to see descent in their facial features are patients who often seek treatment.  These patients are often difficult as treatment may need to be repeated at 6 weeks and will need more threads than the patient who has more hollowing to the face.  The new molded 
  4. What other treatments are being done – It’s important to not rely on threading alone to provide lift.  Using filler to help fill the frame of the face such as hollows in the temple or cheek will help with the pull back and overall lift to the face.  

Average number of molded threads needed for treatment:

*Face: 8 threads total would be the standard for a thread lift,  4 on each side of the face which includes:

-Cheek bones: 2 on each side

-Lower face at the oral commissure: 2 on each side 

*Neck: 2 barbs each side (total of 4) and smooth threads are often added here to give lift and tighten the area.  

Each patient’s facial features and needs are very unique and all treatment plans are not the same.  So when the questions asked, “How many threads?”, take into consideration the different factors that determine how much is needed for treatment. 

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