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Are you interested in an all natural product that can add volume and a youthful glow to your lips? Watch as Dr. Rajani demonstrates his brand new, cutting edge procedure PlasmaLip! This procedure uses platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, injected with a dermascope 25 gage MicroCannula to create a gorgeous and naturally plump lip. PRF is made using your bodies own unique cell growth factor making it 100% safe and customized to you. Injecting this product into your lips causes the regeneration of fat cells due to the slow release of your own growth factors. The regeneration of fat cells causes not only a naturally plump lip, but also the youthful glow and radiance that we love. Dr. Rajani uses this product in combination with his expertise and precise placement to create a perfectly balanced contour.

This treatment is not only great as a stand alone procedure, but can also be combined with an HA filler such as FDA approved Restylane. When combing this treatment with an HA filler you can expect a longer lasting result, a smoother feeling filler that is absent of any lumps or bumps, and an elegant contour. This combination of treatment ensures the beautiful and youthful lips you are looking for.

Allow us to join you on your aesthetic journey towards gorgeous lips by calling 503.303.8318 to schedule your consultation with us today!

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