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PRP-The Golden Fluid is Fool’s Gold-PRF Fluid Matrix Explained

PRF Fluid Matrix Explained

Many clinics continue to use PRP for aesthetic treatments, but is PRP better than PRF?  Dr. Rajani reviews the composition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and PRF (platelet rich fibrin) and discusses why PRF is a much more superior choice than PRP.

PRP is spun at a much faster rate than PRF.  After spinning down PRP, there is a great amount of “golden fluid” volume that is extracted.  Not only is it spun at a faster rate and produces more product, PRP tubes also contain additives including blood thinners like heparin and sodium citrate – which can possibly contaminate the final mix and the most important components  go to the bottom of the tube — actually producing platelet poor plasma. Many love the volume that PRP produces during collection and injection. In this case, is quantity better than quality? 

On the other hand, PRF is spun at a slower spin speed with no additives in its collection tube.  There is no blood thinner to disrupt healing mechanisms or a separating plug in the tube as PRP has. PRF is collected from a 13mL tube and yields 1.5mL of product compared to about 5mL from a standard PRP collection.  The 1.5mL of golden fluid from PRF is a smaller amount but produces a more concentrated amount of growth factors, stem cells, and white blood cells for injection. There is no blood thinner in the PRF tube therefore the product can clot.  But in the case of aesthetics the added benefit of a fibrin clot that forms during injections slowly releases growth factors overtime producing great results. 

The golden fluid that PRP yields is simply “Fool’s Gold”.  Many clinics try both, PRP and PRF and then choose PRF once comparing its effectiveness.

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