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Cheek Enhancements

High cheekbones provide the foundation for an aesthetically pleasing look, and now in aesthetic medicine we are able to create or restore this sought after look.

By injecting an FDA approved Hyaluronic Acid filler along the cheekbones we are able to plump the skin from beneath to create cheekbones in a way that is instantly noticeable and yet still appears very natural. With this simple, minimally-invasive procedure, patients can experience the most dramatic improvements to the overall aesthetic look of the face with little to no downtime. While your friends and family might comment on how fabulous you look after this treatment, they will likely have trouble pinpointing what it is that has enhanced your appearance so effortlessly and dramatically overnight. This secret has been used in Hollywood for years to achieve perfect face symmetry and the coveted V-shape appearance. Not only does this quick and simple procedure create a perfect V-shaped contour, it also gives lift to the face, thus reducing or even eliminating frown lines. These heavy lines that begin to form around the mouth as we age are a common concern among aesthetic patients. Many times they will think that filling the lower face is their best option, when actually a little cheek filler might just do the trick while adding additional contouring benefits and creating a look they love!

The results of this treatment are immediate with little to no bruising or swelling. Our injectors here at Style Aesthetics are trained with the Micro Cannula technique, which significantly decreases the risk of bruising and also increases the precision of filler placement. With our highly experience and artistic injectors we are able to adjust the amount and placement of the product used in order to create perfect symmetry in the face and create the look you desire.

With this treatment, you can see results lasting from several months to over a year, depending upon the specific filler used. This treatment can be repeated to ensure continued improvement, and fine adjustments can be made with each procedure. This procedure can be done on your lunch break, and has little to no downtime. Make the biggest impact on your confidence and appearance in as little as 24 hours.


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12-18 months

Recovery Time
Minimal downtime-2 days

Treatment Time
60-90 minutes

Estimated Price

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