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Lip Augmentation

From One of Portland Oregon’s Top MedSpa for Lip Filler Like Juvederm and Restylane

Plump, well-defined lips are a near-universal sign of youth and beauty in Western culture, with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner and Scarlett Johansson as standout examples.  Whether you have lost lip volume or symmetry with age or have become dissatisfied with your own lips’ proportions, a wide variety of lip filler injectable solutions exist using safe, naturally occurring hyaluronic acids from Galderma’s Restylane® line to the full range products from Allergan like Juvéderm, and Voluma.  At Style Aesthetics, no “duck lips” or “trout pouts” will be found here – our results are natural, well-proportioned, and in harmony with patients’ features.

How does Lip Filler work?

Here at Style Aesthetics located in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, we strive to achieve only the best, safe, and natural looking results.  We use two types of hyaluronic acid lip filler for our lips injections – Juvéderm and Restylane. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. When injected, it safely plumps from below the skin to create a soft, smooth surface giving you a beautiful, soft, subtle pout.

Is a Lip Augmentation right for me?

As a part of aging, the collagen production in your skin begins to decrease. The end result is your skin begins to lose its elasticity. It’s also common to see a loss of volume in your lips overtime. If you have seen this change in your lips over time, lip injections could be the right solution for you.  You can also consider lip injections if you never had plump lips and would like to give it a try. Lip injections are typically not permanent and will need to be repeated at some point in time.

What to expect before your Lip Filler procedure?

One of our first priorities is patient education, allowing you to know everything about available procedures and how they can help. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding your lip filler treatment, which is invaluable for our patients. It all goes towards providing only the best dermal fillers and lip injections in the Portland Oregon area.

What to expect during your Lip Filler treatment?

At Style Aesthetics, we strongly believe that patient peace of mind is critical to successful treatment. As a result, we’ve done everything to make our practice a very comfortable and safe place. The moment you walk in, you will notice that each aspect of the environment is united towards your successful treatment. From our friendly office staff, to our highly trained injectors, to our clinic itself, everything is built around you.

What to expect after your Lip Filler treatment?

There is usually no downtime from lip filler injections. You may experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising at the site of injection for a few days to a week, but will soon subside.

What results can I expect from a Lip Augmentation at Style Aesthetics?

No “duck lips” or “trout pouts” will be found here – our results are natural, well-proportioned, and we make sure results are in harmony with our patients’ features. Our lip filler products are made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the human body and is considered safe when injected skillfully by our heavily trained injectors. Lip injections can last up to one year (or more), making it a worthy investment. You will notice a difference immediately, with final results appearing in about a week when the product has had time to settle in and any swelling has gone abated.  All our lip fillers are going to help perfect and add volume to your lips. Some fillers may create more volume and fullness than others.

What products are used for Lip Filler Treatment?

The products we use for lip fillers here at Style Aesthetics range from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid fillers from Galderma’s Restylane® line to the full range products from Allergan like Juvéderm. Overall, results and longevity are similar. However, each brand has created special formulas to treat specific concerns and produce results you’d like to achieve. We strive to match the product to each client’s individual needs and the results you are looking for will determine which filler is best for you and your lip injection. Our team of expert injectors lead by Dr. Rajani will consult with you and go over all the options.

How long does the Lip Filler procedure last?

Our lip filler procedure can last anywhere between 60-90 minutes. Most of the time is taken to further educate you on the lip augmentation procedure and how to achieve your desired results for your lip shape and fullness.

How much does Lip Filler cost at Style Aesthetics?

There are several factors that determine the  cost of your lip filler procedure, including how many vials needed for your overall results that you’d like to achieve.  This can be discussed during your consultation with us. At our Portland practice, Style Aesthetics strives to make each session more affordable by accepting cash, all major credit cards, and healthcare financing through CareCredit.

Who performs the Lip Filler treatment at Style Aesthetics?

Our team of highly trained and skilled aesthetics  injectors at Style Aesthetics lead by Dr. Rajani are experts at assessing and administering the best treatment for you, whether you are concerned with gaining volume, enhancing definition, or reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

What technique is used during the Lip Filler treatment at Style Aesthetics?

Our expert injectors are skilled in performing both the needle and micro-cannula techniques for lip filler injections.  Our clinic is an early adopter of the micro-cannula technique and work on the lip region exclusively using the “no needle” approach, which allows the delivery of the preferred filler through a blunt instrument.  This greatly diminishes pain, bruising and swelling for a much safer and more comfortable experience. Watch a lip filler injection in real time and explain the lip filler procedure with a MicroCannula and needle technique combined. Watch the lips plump and transform into what the patient is desiring for her look!

How do I prevent bruising when getting lip fillers?

You may experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising at the site of injection for a few days after lip injections.  Ways to prevent the occurence of bruising after this treatment include avoiding alcohol, not taking Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications, and avoiding supplements like fish oil prior to your procedure.  Arnica can be taken before and after your lip injections to help prevent bruising and aid in the healing process.

How do I know what shape I want for my lips?

Lip filler is a very popular treatment. You will notice Instagram is flooded with lip before and after pictures. We work with you on the best shape lip for your anatomy. Please view this Lip Filler video that discusses Lip Shape using products like Juvederm and Restylane.

The best Lip Filler in Portland, Oregon

Style Aesthetics – As a national training center for injectables, physicians and aesthetic providers come to our office in Portland Oregon to advance their skills with injectables like Restylane and Juvederm. When considering your Lip Filler treatment in Portland, consider Style Aesthetics by Dr. Rajani and his expert aesthetic injectors.

Lip Filler specials

We provide a $50 gift card for all NEW patients.   For all existing patients, we have a very robust reward program that includes custom savings during each visit. We love spoiling our clients!

When can I come in for a Lip Filler procedure?

To schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Rajani and his staff, call Style Aesthetics at 503.303.8313 or text 831.777.5279.


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