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Micro-needling is an advanced, in-office, non-surgical, cosmetic procedure that stimulates natural collagen and elastin production to improve your skin’s texture. Micro-needles create small punctures in the skin with tiny, sterile needles, which stimulate new collagen and elastin to form, leading to healing and skin restoration. Micro-needling decreases the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, brown spots, sun spots, pores and more. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands and anywhere else that you have unsightly scarring or stretch marks. It is minimally invasive and safe, and works on all skin types. Micro-needling will help to keep your skin looking youthful!

Improved skin texture
Younger looking skin
Natural and lasting results
Minimal to no pain or downtime

Take it to the next level
Platelet-rich plasma (PRF) can also be combined with this treatment. PRF is derived from the patient’s own blood and may contain growth factors that increase collagen production. It can be applied topically to the entire treatment area during treatments or injected intradermally.

There is minimal to no pain or downtime with this procedure. And you can return to your regular skin care regime in a few days.

Our promise to you
Because we understand different skin care needs, Dr. Rajani customizes every treatment, giving you the best results possible. And we work around your schedule to make everything as easy as possible for you. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment during our private office hours – 503.303.8313.

Note: Individual results may vary


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Micro-needling video
Micro-needling Video
Micro-needling Video
Micro-needling Video
Micro-needling Video
Micro-needling Video


Up to 9 months

Recovery Time
0-minimal downtime

Treatment Time
45 minutes to 1 hour

Estimated Price

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