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PlasmaRestore RF®

Pre and Post Care

PlasmaRestore Radiofrequency (RF) Preparation


  • No peels of any kind


  • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure prior to treatment (no sunburns/tans and wear SPF when in sunlight)
  • Avoid any potentially aggravating skincare (retinols, alpha hydroxy acids, etc.)
  • No dermaplaning/waxing


  • On the day of the radiofrequency treatment, please arrive without makeup and prepare to relax with topical numbing for 20 minutes prior to PlasmaRestore RF (stay hydrated, if possible!)

*If any medical/health changes occur before your appointment, please reach out to your provider.

We are so excited for you to experience all that is PlasmaRestore RF!

PlasmaRestore RF Aftercare


  • Face heals quicker than any other area on the body
  • Face: Healing within 5-7 days (generally noted within 3-5 days)
  • Neck: May take 7-10 days (generally noted within 5-7 days)
  • Can wear makeup after 48 hours (essentially no social downtime!)
    *Apply layer of moisturizer before (clean/new) makeup


Immediately After:

  • Edema (swelling) of the tissue and erythema (redness).
  • Scent of “burnt skin”
  • Warm, tight sensation (feels like you just got a sunburn!)

1-7 Days After:

  • Track marks (areas of red/white dots) across face and neck
  • Small scabs in a grid-like pattern
  • Blotchy white/red patches across face/neck
  • May feel a bit “dry” and “tight”
  • Topical creams as well as immediate-post treatment cream will accelerate healing

Can apply Aquaphor first night for comfort, but no washing face until the morning (using a gentle cleanser)

  • NO thermal or mechanical agitation to the areas (hot saunas / heavy exercise / hot showers / abrasive products / swimming pools, etc.) for 24 hours
  • NO direct sun for 1 week
  • NO freshwater of any kind (lake, river, oceans) for 1 week (or until marks resolve)
  • NO exfoliating or potentially irritating skincare for 2 weeks
  • NO sun tanning / burning during course of treatment
  • NO agitating / rubbing any blemishes on the skin during course of treatment
  • YES to makeup 48 hours after treatment (apply Aquaphor or Volufiline cream first)
  • YES to SPF for 1 month


  • Days 1-3: Aquaphor healing ointment twice a day (gentle cleanser in the morning)
    *Can use beyond three days, if needed
  • Days 3-14: Volufiline cream twice a day
  • Days 14+: Even GLO wipes 2x/week (if skin is no longer red/swollen)

**If blistering, severe swelling and discomfort, or any other concerns occur, please reach out to your provider by calling (503) 303-8313.


6 months to 1 year

Recovery Time
5-10 days

Treatment Time
90 minutes

Estimated Price

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