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PRF Hair Restoration

Dr. Rajani’s Hair Restoration with PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is an advanced, non-surgical therapy to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. This cutting-edge procedure reactivates hair follicles, encourages hair growth, and restores thinning areas by using the body’s own growth factors, fibrin and platelets. PRF is precisely and strategically injected into locations on the scalp where hair is thinning. Results appear gradually after six to nine months of treatment, and usually require a series of three treatments for full efficacy.

How does the PRF Hair Restoration work?
Whether it be from aging, postpartum hair loss or other factors, losing hair can affect the way we feel about ourselves. In the past, treatments have been lacking in safely and non-surgically restoring one’s own thick, full hair. With Dr. Rajani’s PRF Hair Restoration performed by the team at Style Aesthetics you can regain confidence in every strand!

Utilizing platelets and growth factors taken from a simple blood draw, Dr. Rajani and team inject them back into specific areas of the scalp, beginning the regeneration process. Fibrin, a structural protein found in blood plasma, supports the absorption of the serum, keeping it where it belongs and ensuring time-released delivery. From there, the treatment stimulates your hair follicles, encouraging growth of stronger, thicker, fuller hair. Small needles used during the procedure ensure a low level of discomfort. In fact, many patients chat with their provider right through the entire process!

Spaced approximately six to eight weeks apart it is recommended that three treatments are performed to reach maximum efficacy. The process starts working right away and builds gradually over six to nine months. The end result is increased self confidence by regaining your naturally-growing hair that is fuller, thicker, stronger and more abundant–all with no downtime.

Is PRF Hair Restoration right for you?
No matter what the reason, if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair you can benefit from this safe and effective treatment suitable for both men and women. There are no implants, surgical scars, or healing time required, so you can feel confident starting your treatments with little impact to your daily activities.

What to expect before your PRF Hair Restoration treatment?
A full consultation is provided by Style Aesthetics for all minimally-invasive procedures to address your type of hair loss, treatment goals, and medical history. We’ll review the procedure in detail and discuss post-treatment care steps with you. If it’s determined that PRF Hair Restoration is right for you, we’ll schedule a time for you to start treatment right away!

What to expect during your PRF Hair Restoration treatment?
A simple blood draw is the first step in the process. A centrifuge separates the platelets, fibrin and growth factors needed to regenerate your hair. The serum is then injected into your scalp safely by your provider at Style Aesthetics, encouraging your cells to start to grow thicker, fuller, and stronger hair.

What to expect after your PRF Hair Restoration procedure?
Since this treatment is non-surgical, uses no medication, and draws upon your body’s own platelets, fibrin and growth factors, there is no downtime. You can resume your daily activities right away!

What are the benefits of PRF Hair Restoration?

  • New hair growth – PRF Hair Restoration contains growth factors that can help increase the growth of new hair. These growth factors stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hair strands.
  • Denser hair follicles – PRF Hair Restoration increases blood flow to hair follicles, resulting in more hair.
  • A stronger root system – PRF Hair Restoration injections help strengthen hair roots, allowing new hair to grow.
  • Minimally invasive – In contrast to hair replacement surgery and hair transplantation procedures, PRF stimulates hair growth utilizing your own platelets, growth factors and fibrin.
  • No medications – There are allergic reactions associated with PRF Hair Restoration therapy, and no hair growth medications are necessary.
  • No downtime – You can resume your daily activities right away!
  • For men and women – PRF Hair Restoration is safe and effective for adults seeking a solution for hair loss and thinning hair.

How long does PRF Hair Restoration last?
To achieve optimal results a series of three treatments, spaced six to eight weeks apart, is recommended. Full results are then seen six to nine months after finishing your series. Dr. Rajani recommends evaluating your hair growth yearly to see if any maintenance sessions will be needed.

What are popular areas to treat with PRF Hair Restoration?
PRF Hair Restoration treats areas of the scalp affected by hair loss or thinning hair.

What separates PRF Hair Restoration from other treatments?
Unlike other treatments that address hair loss, PRF Hair Restoration does not involve surgery, implants, or medications. Your hair follicles are safely stimulated using an injection containing platelets, growth factors and fibrin from your own blood. There is minimal discomfort and no healing time is required.

How much does PRF Hair Restoration cost?
PRF Hair Restoration treatment costs $800 per session or $2,100 for a series of three (recommended). Your series also includes Dr. Rajani’s AnteAGE® MD Home Hair System for a total savings of $525!

Who performs the PRF Hair Restoration treatment?
At Style Aesthetics our team of skilled providers has undergone extensive training led by Dr. Rajani, ensuring efficiency and safety in delivery of the best treatments tailored to your needs.

Have Questions?

Contact our office in Portland, OR at 503-303-8313. We would have happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment. We also have additional information on our website about PRF Hair Restoration. Click the buttons below to learn more at PRF Hair Restoration in Portland, OR.

PRF Hair Restoration Overview

12 months

Recovery Time
5-7 days

Treatment Time
60 minutes

Estimated Price

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