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Beautify your skin and create a youthful overall glow using a unique combination of procedures by Dr. Anil Rajani MD

PlasmaGLO is Dr Rajani’s trademarked Skin Renewal package created and developed by him and available exclusively at Style Aesthetics. Dr Rajani is always on the search for the latest combined treatments to heal and repair skin safely with minimal downtime. The goal is to create the best you without looking done and taking unwanted risks.

PlasmaGLO’s unique feature is the combination of synergistic treatments developed with Dr Rajani’s many years of experience with lasers, fillers, peels and collagen stimulators. Filling and lifting alone are not enough to create a youthful look. One has to pay attention to the skin’s outer surface and health in order to achieve radiance and glow that is natural and pleasing.

PlasmaGLO PLUS adds a second treatment session with the Power of Sublative Fractional RF Energy to create the thousands of MicroChannels for PRF infusion. The last procedure in the 3 part treatment series is either the Microneedling or Sublative procedure and the CORE technician will work with you to determine which is the best treatment based on your reaction to the prior treatments.

Don’t settle for PRP–Platelet Rich Fibrin. PRF is the latest technology using one’s own blood, where platelets and white blood cells are present in a complex fibrin matrix to accelerate the healing of skin to regenerating tissues, leaving the skin feeling renewed and youthful. No Heparin or Sodium Citrate (found in the popular PRP treatments) which can hamper powerful growth factors and clot formation. PRF is more effective and more natural.

    • Know what the “stars” do to stay Beautiful? Dr Rajani does!
      Take a page from their book at a fraction of the cost.
    • Youthful skin has GLOW.
    • Works with Fillers and Toxins — will NOT decrease facial fat or melt your fillers.
    • Reduces the of appearance pores, fine lines and sun damage.
    • No “fake look”– Harness the Power of YOU with PRF.
    • NO Guessing — All treatments include a 3 Month Supply of prescription Grade Skin Care INCLUDING Dr. Rajani’s prescription-only Retinoid Plasma Tight, RajaniMD Recovery Complex, RajaniMD Advanced Firming and RajaniMD Potent C+E+FE Serum. Precisely what you should be on for Recovery and Maintenance ($400 value).


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PlasmaGLO - by Dr. Rajani


12 months

Recovery Time
1-4 days

Treatment Time
60 minutes

Estimated Price

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