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Botox Articles

Learn more about Botox treatments by reading the articles below. Dr Rajani will answer your questions and explain the details of Botox and more. When ready, call our office to make an appointment at 503-303-8313. We are located in the Pearl District of Portland, OR and look forward to helping you look and feel your best. Contact us today.

How to Make Your Botox Last Longer

Everyone likes to look good for longer, right? This is the case with many things, but definitely procedures like Botox. Fortunately, there is a hack that can be used in order to make your Botox last longer and get greater longevity, saving you time, effort, and money with your anti-aging solution. It is important to…


Dr. Rajani Discusses Sculptra Have you thought about sculptra or biostimulators? They allow your own body to produce collagen and elastin to get skin glow and a youthful appearance. It is one of the most natural ways to look young. In this video Dr. Rajani discusses the 3 zones of the face where he never…


Those DA#* Plastic Surgeons Instagram and the social media dilemma contributes to younger and younger patients seeking fillers, botox, jawline contouring, glass skin, and cheek fillers. Some people think it is the new norm while others believe this is a societal issue. No doubt people can now choose how they look and create facial angles…

WATCH Brooke’s KOREAN V LINE Treatment

Restylane Defyne Chin Injections Watch injections transform a chin into a Korean V-line with before and after pictures. In this video Dr. Rajani uses Restylane Defyne to create a narrower forward projection using the V-line chin injection technique. Rajawline injections are also used for creating a strong jawline and chin contour. To learn more about our…


Doctor’s Under Eye Treatments You are seeing hollows under the eyes. People are starting to say- “are you tired?” There is a hollow under your eyes but there are so many treatments and you are not sure what to do. Eye bags and puffy under eyes are a common problem. Looking tired? Considering a blepharoplasty?…

Dr. Anil Rajani Addresses Concerns About the Adverse Reactions from Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine in Those with Facial Fillers

Concerns About the Adverse Reactions from Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine in Those with Facial Fillers Addressed Based out of Portland, Oregon, Dr. Anil Rajani, MD is the founder of Style Aesthetics. Master trainer and lecturer with 15 years of experience of training medical aesthetic providers, he provides training for brands such as Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Suneva…


All Natural Lip Filler // PLASMALIP The PlasmaLIP! Dr. Rajani explains a more natural way of filling the lips, creating angels, and rejuvenation of the lips. PlasmaLIP is often done with PlasmaSculpt, which is an all natural lip filler and helps balance the face and help smooth lip lines. In this video, Dr. Rajani will…

Types of Face Threads

Non-Surgical Face Lift Dr. Rajani at Portland Oregon Style Aesthetics talks about nonsurgical facelifts, and the many types of face threads. He explains how permanent face threads are rarely used now and how non-surgical face lifts, brow lift, and skin rejuvenation are driving aesthetic patients to practices. See the video to learn more. To learn…

Doctor Contours Beautiful Cheeks // Cheek Filler

Beautiful Contoured Cheeks // Cheek Filler Beauty is angles. Do you want beautiful cheeks? Should you consider cheek fillers? Dr. Rajani contours beautiful cheeks and explains what cheek fillers do, and how they can look unnatural. To learn more about our Treatments – click here Thank you for reading and be sure to subscribe to…

Dysport and Bella PDO Cateye

Dysport and Bella PDO Cateye Dr. Rajani uses Dysport on a patient in the forehead, frown area, chin, and eye folds before getting the PDO Cateye. The Cateye procedure is done using the new NovaThread barb 5 double cut. Dr. Rajani Explains how using the right thread gives the right results, and also picking the right…


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