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Jeuveau in Portland

Let us all welcome newest wrinkle relaxer to the Style Aesthetics family, Jeuveau aka “Newtox”! Jeuveau by Evolus is a newly FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer that works similarly to Botox and Dysport. Jeuveau is a wonderful solution for smoothing away fine lines along with wrinkles in the frown, forehead as well as the crow’s feet areas. We can not be more excited to offer NewTox at our Portland practice and give our clients another option for aesthetic wrinkle relaxing!

Jeuveau Vile Portland OR

What is Jeuveau and How Does It Work?

Jeuveau, also known as “#Newtox” is a noninvasive treatment and re-invention of the skin-smoothing injectable phenomenon derived from botulinum toxin type A family of products. A fresh take on the world-class standard in anti-aging, Jeuveau inhibits the contraction of select muscles just below the skin to smooth the skin and prevents superficial wrinkles from forming. Jeuveau is manufactured with a state-of-the-art purification and drying process called Hi-Pure technology, for a higher level of purity and potency, and a smaller molecule size. Like Botox, it works to limit muscle activity beneath the skin in targeted areas. Once the facial muscles are relaxed, the skin smooths, and a brighter, more refreshed “you” is revealed.

How Is Jeuveau Different from Botox or Dysport?

Jeuveau is similar to other toxins on the market and is also part of the botulinum toxin type A family. Jeuveau is vacuum dried versus Botox being freeze dried. Some studies have shown that it is performing better than Botox in satisfaction scores and our patients have reported that initial onset appears quicker.

What are the Benefits of Jeuveau?

The benefits of Jeuveau are many, as it can be used to treat address several issues on the face and neck. Jeuveau can be injected in younger patients who want to ward off the development of wrinkles. Other benefits include:

  • Smoothed glabellar lines, or the classic “11’s” between the eyebrows
  • Smoothed forehead lines
  • Smoothed smile lines, or Crow’s Feet
  • Smoother lines at nose and mouth
  • Prevention of chin dimpling
  • Correction of the RBF or downturned mouth

Is Jeuveau Right for Me?

Jeuveau is a good option if you want a temporary solution to reduce wrinkles in the upper face with no downtime. If you have wrinkles on your upper face, like frown lines and crow’s feet, or want to slim your jawline and you want results that lasts up to 4 months then Jeuveau is for you! Patients who request a natural and gradual result are great candidates for this procedure. Candidates also include anyone who has previously received Botox or Dysport. Give it a try!

What to Expect Before your Treatment?

Before your procedure, you will have a consultation with one of Dr. Rajani’s highly experienced aesthetic injectors to ensure your safety and satisfaction of your aesthetic results. During this time, we will examine your skin and review your medical history. The treatment, expectations, and aftercare from the procedure will also be discussed. If our assessment determines that Jeuveau is right for you, a unique treatment plan will be created and you can begin your treatment immediately! It is recommended that if you are having Jeuveau for an event that you receive treatment well in advance to ensure that you look your best!

During your Treatment?

During your exam, Dr. Rajani, or one of his highly trained injectors will go over your areas of concern, talk through your treatment, and discuss the results you can expect. Your actual Jeuveau treatment will take less than half an hour to complete. To minimize any discomfort during your treatment, your provider may apply ice to the area before proceeding with treatment. Your injector will then inject Jeuveau using a fine gauge needle, which many patients compare to the sensation of a pin prick.

After your Treatment?

After treatment, it is not uncommon to see some redness at the injection sites, which typically fades away within a few minutes. You will notice the results of your treatment developing during the first week, with full results becoming most apparent at the two week mark.

What Results Can I Expect from Jeuveau at Style Aesthetics?

At Style Aesthetics, you will be receiving world-class treatment. Your injections will be administered by a highly qualified, and Dr. Rajani trained expert injector who will carefully inject your muscles to provide only the most satisfying results. Jeuveau has been found to have a quicker onset than Botox with many patients noticing their early results in as little as 2 to 3 days. Your final result is clearly evident within 2 weeks with results lasting between three to four months, or even longer – a great benefit of this luxury neuromodulator. Patients who are on a program of scheduled injections find that over time the wrinkles stay relaxed for longer intervals.

Jeuveau in Portland OR by RajaniMD

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

Your treatment session will take about a half an hour from start to finish, and the actual injections will take only a few minutes to complete.

How Often Can I Receive Jeuveau Injections?

Treatments with Jeuveau can be repeated every three to four months, or as needed. Once you begin to see the results of the previous treatment fading, schedule your next appointment or have appointments regularly scheduled as a standard part of your beauty regimen.

What Are the Possible Complications?

Like all neuromodulators, Jeuveau is considered extremely safe but there are few risks associated with the injections. As with all injections, there is a risk of bruising and redness caused by the needle used to inject the product. There is also a risk of eyelid ptosis (drooping of facial muscles near the treatment area). Following post-treatment instructions will minimize this risk. Our expert aesthetic injectors work meticulously to inject your muscles and prevent these from occurring. During your consultation at Style Aesthetics, a thorough explanation of potential risks and complications from Jeuveau injections will be discussed.

Why Should I Choose Jeuveau over Botox?

Jeuveau and Botox have the same active ingredient and work similarly to decrease muscle movement to help reduce wrinkles. The primary difference is that Jeuveau has been specifically developed for cosmetic use and created with exceptionally high purity. Jeuveau has shown in thousands of studies to be safe, and just as effective as other neuromodulators when it comes to relaxing and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Jeuveau is an exciting development in aesthetics and when you receive your treatment at Style Aesthetics, you will be pleased with your results!

Can I Get Jeuveau with Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Of course! Jeuveau is compatible with other treatments such as dermal fillers, which can be performed on the same day. To find out what treatments are compatible with Jeuveau, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rajani or one of his highly trained aesthetic injectors at our private, luxury clinic.

How Much Does It cost?

At Style Aesthetics, we charge  by the number of units that are used. There are several factors that determine the cost of your injections, including how many units are needed which can be discussed during your consultation. At our Portland practice, Style Aesthetics strives to make each session more affordable by accepting cash, all major credit cards, and healthcare financing through CareCredit.

Who Performs the NewTox Injections?

Our team of expert injectors at Style Aesthetics have gone through rigorous training lead by Dr. Rajani and are exceptionally skilled at assessing and administering the best treatment for you!

The Best Jeuveau Treatment in Portland, OR

Style Aesthetics – As a national training center for injectables, physicians and aesthetic providers come to our office in Portland Oregon to advance their skills with injectables. Dr. Rajani is internationally recognized for excellence in training physicians on the latest technology and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He has privately trained over thousands of doctors in aesthetic procedures. He is also an elite trainer for AIAM, Galderma, Allergan, Suneva, Viora, CoolSculpting, Dermasculpt Microcannula, PRF and a sought after speaker and educator worldwide. When considering your Jeuveau treatment in Portland, consider Style Aesthetics by Dr. Rajani and his team of expert aesthetic injectors.

Jeuveau Specials In Portland, OR

As a thank you for joining our Style Aesthetics family, we welcome our new patients with a $50 gift card to use during your next appointment! For our existing patients, we have an amazing reward program that includes custom savings during each visit. We love our clients!

When Can I Come in for my Injections?

Are you ready to try Jeuveau, the latest luxury neuromodulator? This new highly-purified product may prove to be the top-performing neuromodulator available in the USA, and is available at Style Aesthetics. If you have additional questions and wish to learn more, contact us today at 503-303-8313 and schedule a consultation for arguably the best treatment for Jeuveau Portland has to offer. We would be happy to work with you to achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance with the use of injectables!

Have Questions?

Contact our office in Portland, OR at 503-303-8313. We would have happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment. We also have additional information on our website about Jeuveau. Click the buttons below to learn more at Jeuveau in Portland, OR.

Jeaveau Injections in Portland OR

Jeuveau Overview

2-5 months

Recovery Time
0 to minimal downtime

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30-45 minutes

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