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RajaniMD Donates Skin Care for Oregon Cancer Ski Out

Oregon Skin Care Donations for Ski Cancer

Portland, OR-based aesthetic practitioner Dr. Anil Rajani, MD found a compatible opportunity for a charitable donation in the Oregon Cancer Ski Out, donating proprietary skincare products. This year’s two-day skiing event, to be held March 9 and 10 at Oregon’s Mount Hood, a renowned ski destination, will raise awareness and funding for the battle against cancer.

Avid skiers know that sun protection is a must when hitting the slopes. The high altitude, combined with reflection from the snow and ice, combine to increase UV exposure.  Dr. Rajani’s products, including high-SPF moisturizers, a clinical-grade acne-fighting cleanser,  a vegan daily moisturizer and chapstick, will be distributed among participants in the Oregon Cancer Ski Out’s racing events.

Oregon Cancer Ski Out is hosting an evening event on Mount Hood on March 8, the evening prior to the races. “It’s wonderful to be able to contribute something that skiers and snowboarders can really use,” Dr. Rajani says.  “We’re fortunate to have a cancer-fighting organization so close to Portland that complements our promotion of smart sun protection.”

For more information on the Oregon Cancer Ski Out – view their website at


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