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Restylane Silk :: Removing Smoker Lines!

The very latest in anti-aging and augmentation of the lip area has arrived! Restylane Silk is FDA approved and designed for perioral lines (vertical lip lines). It can also be used for subtle and natural revolumization and augmentation.How do these lines form? It is not only through smoking that perioral or “marionette” lines can form. Collagen loss, volume loss, and changes in bone structure create these lines that sometimes are deeply embedded in to the skin.

  • These lines are more commonly seen in women verses men. Vertical lip lines are not nearly as common in men for several reasons, to name a few:
    -Underlying differences in skin structure,the dermis is thicker in men.
    -Men don’t experience the rapid dermis thinning that occurs as estrogen plunges in the way that women do.
    -Most men exfoliate daily though shaving and have the option of wearing a mustache.

If this sounds all too familiar and your lines are deeply embedded it’s not too late! With Restyalne Silk and adjunctive treatments a great result can be achieved.Microneedling with PRP to “shrinkwrap” the skin, chemical peels and Retin- A to increase overall rejuvenation coupled with the use of neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport can also improve the appearance of perioral lines and enhance results with Restylane Silk. Remember that it’s where the product is placed, how the product is positioned that creates naturalness and a very pleasing result.

At RajaniMD we use advanced 3D Imaging with patients to view the facial anatomy at all angles which ensures unmistakably more natural results. In this way it is possible to clearly analyze and define overall volume loss and angles of facial structure for a seamless result. Restylane Silk is built for this! The perioral region can dramatically cause a person to look more aged and harsh. The good news is that this can be diminished and prevented in patients who show early signs of fine lines with a small amount of product.

Something else to smile about: The FDA reports 76% of patients saw fullness and smoothness six months later. Keep smiling: The injectable gel contains .3% lidocaine which assists in comfort, along with Dr. Rajani’s expert technique using the micro-cannula. With this method fewer injection sites are created which leaves you with less bruising and swelling,giving you a surprisingly comfortable experience and great results. We invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Rajani today: (503)303-8313

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