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The Aesthetic Filler Consult

As Doctor Rajani trains providers, one of the most commonly asked questions is how to obtain and maintain clients. Obtaining new clients as well as maintaining current clients begins with the aesthetic consult. The consult allows for the patient to build trust through evaluating the providers credentials and knowledge, as well as the ability to achieve a common goal with shared expectations.

The “R.A.J.A.N.I.” consult includes:

Request Information:

Often in the Doctor’s practice, patients are coming in for his opinion and expertise. Begin by asking the patient what treatment they are desiring to get. Ask the patient where their areas of concern may be. Request information about if they have had previous treatments done they liked or disliked.


Assess the lines, folds and movements of the face as you speak with the patient. How can we improve the skin quality? Assess the patient’s skin for glow and reflection, possible dullness, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

Jel with the Patient:

Talk about the ability to achieve a common goal with shared expectations. Establish rapport with your patient. Allow the patient to ask questions. This is a great time for the provider to share their opinions.


Temples/ high cheek- If hollowing is present, the recommendation is to use a collagen stimulator that will give volume and allow for dermal thickening and skin tightening.

Preauricular area- If hollowing is present, a single dose of a collagen stimulator is recommended. This will tighten the skin, add volume and increase the dermal thickness. Treating this area will give a glow to the skin and prevent the descent of face.

When looking at bone structure and angles, high cheekbones and a beautiful, strong jawline will keep the patient looking youthful for a long time.

Look side to side for asymmetries and compare both the left and right side to see if one side will need more or less filler than the other. Look at the distance from the nose to the upper lip as well as the distance from the bottom lip to the chin. Assess for length. If there is too long of a distance between these areas, you can add filler to adjust the symmetry. To modify the length between the nose and the upper lip, filler can be added to the cupids bow to flip the lip up, changing both the dimension and angle.

The neck is a difficult area to treat, so prevention is key. Assess for loose skin and texture on the neck and decollete and recommend treatment as needed.


Negotiate between both thought processes and negotiate the best treatment for the patient. Make a treatment plan that will prevent aging and promote the patient’s beauty.


The consult is a very important process in the aesthetic practice. Make your patients feel comfortable and continue to build rapport.

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