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The Brow Lift

How to Lift the Brow

Just like the lip flip, the non surgical brow lift is a sought after procedure for many patients. Brow shaping is very complex, and a brow lift can mean different things to other patients. Collagen loss, sagging of the skin, and bone atrophy all contribute to aging of the brow, and as we continue to age, the bone socket widens and rotates downwards. The perfect brow can be interpreted differently to each individual taking into account different ethnicities and styles of brow.

One thing to consider are the vectors of the brow: Drawing an imaginary line from the nasal ala to the lateral canthus represents the extent of the lateral brow. From the nasal ala to the mid pupil creates the ideal position of the arch of the brow. Using these landmarks can also provide the appropriate dosages and injection points for the forehead.

Dr. Rajani discusses treatment options to create the perfect brow lift:

1. Neuromodulators or Botox like products – brow lift can be achieved from injecting the muscles that pull. Botox injections done laterally triggers the downward fibers of the orbicularis oculi to create lift. Dr. Rajani further explains the 3 areas to also consider during injections: tarsal, spetal, and the body of the orbicularis oculi and illustrates these areas as shown.

2. Fillers (and collagen stimulators) – Filling the brow and temple can also create the look of the brow lift using dermal fillers and collagen stimulators like Sculptra. PRF with or without Acell can also be injected into the brow area to stimulate hair growth and create naturally fuller looking brows.

3. Radiofrequency – Using heat to build and stimulate collagen can provide an immediate lift to the brows. Although the brow lift results are temporary, this is an excellent treatment option that provides long term collagen stimulation to the forehead area.

4. PDO Threads – Smooth threads are an excellent option above the brow that not only creates lift, but also stimulate collagen and create volume. Smooth threads helps to build collagen near the temporal crest, an area that is considered the “danger zone” with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport because it can cause potential drooping.

In order to successfully create the brow lift, one must understand what the perfect brow is and take into consideration ethnicity, style, and appropriate treatments for each patient. The non surgical brow lift is a sought after procedure. Using dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport, Sculptra, PDO threads and devices like Viora Radiofrequency are all part of the procedure.

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