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The Entire Face

In our latest video Dr Rajani discusses treatments for the entire face. Addressing just cheeks, just eyes or injecting lips alone can lead to unusual and unpleasing aesthetic results. Most clients who want a consult want over all facial rejuvenation with particular attention to a certain area or two. It is important to have the entire face assessed for best results for an overall youthful and rejuvenated outcome. When only specific areas are treated, over time it can look unnatural.

Consultation with the provider will allow for the patient to receive recommendations and treatments for the entire face. There are numerous treatments that can be recommended to the patient in order to treat different areas of the face. The facial structure is very dynamic, providers must take into account the anatomy of the face in order to provide safety and positive outcomes. Not every product has the same effect in different areas of the face. This is why the providers individualized treatment and product selection is important for each patients desired outcome.

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