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The Face and Neck are Connected

Do you want a beautiful neck and sculpted looking jaw? Here at Rajani MD we know that with age there can be sagging of the jaw, a look of excessive fat that has now taken the place of what was once a smooth, youthful, jawline. What may seem like an aesthetic nightmare can now be addressed at Rajani MD.

Let us help restore your youth and contour the face and neck region with services such as Kybella, a fat dissolver for the persistent “jowl” area.  Dissolving the fat, tightening the skin and lifting the cheek area are excellent at fully addressing the neck region. Although it can be tempting to heavily target one area over another, our face and neck are connected and both must be worked on by a professional to get the aesthetic look and restored youth we crave. Typically not much product is needed, just a skilled hand and knowledge of where the product works best.

Dr. Rajani is a trainer for Galderma, an Artefill Diamond Elite provider, trainer for Suneva, Dermasculpt Microcannula, Nova Threads, Allergan, and a sought after speaker and educator. He is up to date on all the latest and best cosmetic treatments. Let us join you on your aesthetic journey!

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