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The Lip Flip – What It Is, and When to Use It

What is the Lip Flip?

Often times people do not want lip injections but they want a flipped lip or a ski jump lip. The “lip flip” is commonly referred to as lip injections that result in flipping the edges of the lip that provides more youthful projection. This can be accomplished in many ways. The way in which the lip flip can be done is most commonly by the use of neuromodulators like Botox but can also be done with a combination of fillers. Dr. Rajani discusses who would be a great candidate for the lip flip and who should avoid it.

Which patients to consider for the lip flip:

1. The lip flip with Botox is a perfect gateway to Lip Fillers. Some patients may be uncertain about the look of lip fillers and whether or not they will look unnatural. The lip flip injections with Botox will provide a very subtle look and a great introduction to how they will look with filler in place. Only a small amount of units of Botox is needed to create the look, typically 6 units – too much Botox in the lips will affect speech.

2. Patients who have already had lip fillers but want more perk on the edges of the lips and more pink show can benefit from the lip flip. The lip flip is great for patients who are a few months out from receiving lip fillers and want a quick “pick me up”.

3. If a patient has already had lip fillers and wants a more dramatic look, the combination of fillers and Botox in the lip, together, can create more definition to the edges of the lip and accentuate the look of the lip filler that has already been injected.

4. The lip flip with Botox is a great choice for patients who have an event coming up, who does not want to bruise, and does not have much down time for healing; the lip flip would then be a very reasonable procedure. The Botox injections around the lip are very superficial and unlike the common side effects of lip filler injections, there is a very low risk for bruising or swelling.

When to not consider the lip flip with neurotoxin:

1. Volume – The lip flip will not benefit a patient who is seeking more volume in the lips. The lip flip with Botox will not create a dramatic result and and patients may be unsatisfied. When patients want volume, filler should be the first choice of product. Otherwise, they will not receive enough of a result.

2. Speech – For some patients, speech is their living – Actors, singers, teachers, etc. If a patient is worried about speech, the lip flip would not be a wise choice as Botox relaxes the muscles around the lip affecting speech and pronunciation. In this case, filler would be a better option.

3. Aging in the perioral area – The lip flip can help with vertical lip lines. However, if a patient naturally lacks a strong vermillion border, the lip flip with Botox would not create a nice looking result. Therefore, adding filler to the edge of the lips first to create a more crisp vermillion border and adding Botox will create a great looking result overall with the angle of the lips..

Understanding lip angles, dimensions and proportions are key to creating the best lips for your patients. Fillers and neuromodulators like Botox are important in creating beauty and youth.The lip flip can be a very rewarding procedure when used appropriately.

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