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The Sculptra Massage

In this video Dr. Rajani discusses Sculptra and Sculptra massage. Sculptra is also known as the Liquid Facelift, a non-surgical procedure that allows for the best natural looking results providing you with a number of benefits. These benefits include gentle overall lift of facial features, more rested and energetic look, reduction in lines, wrinkles and folds, a happier smile ‘nicer’ looking smile, volume loss in the face, restoring and plumping temple area, cheeks, brightening of appearance in eyes with lid lifting, diminishing and lifting the jowls, lifting corners of the mouth and a wide variety of other youthful benefits. The Sculptra process occurs over time and is based on experience, medical judgement and artistic aesthetic.

The massage consists of three parts, termed 5/5/5, this means 5 times a day, 5 minutes at a time for 5 days in a row. Aesthetic procedures without surgery are extremely popular across all age groups. Using fillers and collagen stimulation for the temple, PDO and PLLA threads as well as neurotoxin and RF heating devices can help create lift. Plasmasculpt can be also performed and is only offered with Dr Rajani.

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