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Wasted –1 Vial of Dermal Filler

See what 1 vial of dermal filler really looks like in comparison to a teaspoon

In the aesthetic world, patients have become so accustomed to hearing people say things like, You need a vial of filler, and chances are they don’t know how much one vial really is. Dermal fillers are typically priced per vial and at the end of the day, patients don’t know how many vials they need.

The reality is, people want a result. People don’t walk in asking for a vial of filler; what they’re really asking is I want to create a more youthful look, I want to get rid of this line or fold, or I want to lift this area of the facial region–so it’s really about understanding how to get that result.

It’s important to keep in mind if you’re shopping around for dermal filler instead of obtaining a good result, there is a cost for legitimate product brought into this country by the company that providers and clinics pay. When you a see a deal on dermal filler that is “too good to be true”, then it probably is. Some clinics purchase cheap dermal filler that is imported illegally and most of the time have no idea what the product actually is, how it was stored, and how it got here.

In Dr. Rajani’s new video, he is wasting a vial of dermal filler that is typically used in the hand or facial region and dispensing it into a teaspoon. One single vial of dermal filler is one-fifth of a teaspoon by volume–it’s much less than people think. By age 40, most patients have lost about “10 vials” of volume from their face. In the ages beyond, 15 vials to 20-plus vials have been lost.

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