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What is a better treatment – A Chemical Peel or Laser Procedure?

Are Laser Treatments for Your Skin Outdated?

Over the last 5 years chemical peels have evolved. It is a great addition to all skin care procedures especially Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers like Juvederm and Artefill. Dr. Rajani pauses from his busy training schedule to help educate us on our question about Chemical Peels.

Chemical Peels, Laser Skin Treatments“We have found that the new generation of peels on the market are more effective and safer than ever before” says Rajani. Dr. Rajani uses his own custom formulated peel as well as a popularized commercial preparation. “I can tailor the depth to suit the patients’ needs and tolerance as well as downtime. After filling and restoring volume the next step is to make the surface of the skin flawless and in Portland Oregon and the Northwest region many patients don’t want the risks and discomfort very common with the lasers. It’s impossible to get such a “wow” result for the price tag” says the doctor.” Deep acne scars I still recommend a CO2 aggressive laser or medical grade microneedle with PRP” he states.

Chemical peels and lasers are both outpatient procedures to exfoliate (peel layers off) the skin. Both types of treatments offer different “levels” that determine how deep the exfoliation is. Exfoliating the skin does many things like improving its texture and reduce wrinkles, acne scars and other blemishes. Chemical peels are less expensive and faster, but light peels must be repeated every four weeks for several months to maintain the look whereas doctor grade peels have a much longer lasting result equal to or exceeding lasers..

Chemical Peels Laser Treatments
Uses: Exfoliate the skin to treat sun exposure, acne, wrinkles, freckles, irregular pigmentation and scars. Reducing wrinkles, scars and blemishes.
Average Cost: $100 – $500 $1,100 – $2,200
Procedure: Skin is cleansed, chemicals applied and then washed off Laser targets and removes skin, one layer at a time
Side effects: Redness, swelling, burning sensation, peeling

(This Can be Adjusted to patients wishes)

Redness, swelling, itching, blisters, acne flares, bacterial infection, cold sores, hyperpigmentation, scarring.
Targets: Face, hand, neck Face, hands, neck


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