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What is the cost of Filler? Botox Pricing? How much is CoolSculpting and Kybella?

The most common question asked by people is “How much does it cost?” There is really no answer to this question without a careful assessment of the patient.

For example, suppose a patient telephones and asks “How much will a thread lift cost?” The answer depends on the size of the patient’s face, the status of the patient’s tissues, and the extent of the patient’s face drop. These factors impact how much lifting is needed to provide results. Also, we must consider whether this is even an appropriate procedure for the patient. Youthful skin may take a lot of lifting power if there is a lot of fat and a deep nasal labial fold. In contrast, relaxed skin that is older or more damaged may be easier to lift because there is not much tension on it. Because of this there is no answer to the question of how much it costs without seeing the patient.

And even after seeing a patient, we only have an idea until we understand the psychology of the patient and what will make them happy. If a patient comes in looking good, they want to look great after the procedure. And if they look great, they want to look fabulous. The good news is that because this is minimally invasive, there is no surgical procedure involved and a patient can add more to get their desired aesthetic results.

With that being said, please keep in mind that it can be overdone. This is precisely why we mix and match products. Very rarely does someone come in and only get a thread lift procedure. Typically we have to add fillers and collagen stimulators as well as threads. This is what gives an amazing look, a natural look and a great look.

Cost must also be taken in as a factor because it is more expensive to combine products and your provider has to have more extensive knowledge about combining them and the tools to carry that out. That’s where training and experience come in. It is very difficult to learn how to combine different products in one stop shopping from the companies themselves. As a result, if you are asking online for an estimate of cost it is almost impossible unless you have had a facial assessment by your provider.

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