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What is the difference between looking old and looking tired?

At this time of the year, people frequently complain about looking old and tired. Some of this is because of changes in the season, with less light and tans fading away. However, there is a difference between looking old and looking tired. If looking old is the complaint, often the cause is changes in bone and bone structure. If looking tired is the complaint, often the cause is a loss of fat.

If you look at people who age very well, you can see that they have great bone structure, particularly great zygomatic bone structure. The zygomatic bone is important in injecting fillers. When a physician injects fillers, the physician uses the zygomatic bone to anchor and lift along the cheek line and to lift the jaw line. The zygomatic bone is large and easy to find in a 25 year old. However, as a person ages, the zygomatic bone becomes more narrow and can be easy to miss when injecting.

What are the areas that age the most? Three important areas are the temple, the widening eye socket and the angle of the jaw. Not many people pay attention to the angle of the jaw but it is important because it lifts the edge of the mouth. People are accustomed to filling the mid face and the perioral area because these areas are FDA approved for fillers. But it is important not to neglect the forehead and the angle of the jaw. A lot of companies do not address this during training because it is off label. This is unfortunate because the forehead is one of the most trickiest areas to inject and can affect the brow and eyelid.

When you see someone older who you do not recognize at first, it is typically because of changes in facial shape due to bone loss. Estrogen hormonal influence may be important factor in bone loss for women. For many women, the critical time for starting to use fillers is between ages 45 and 55 where estrogen goes down and bone loss accelerates.

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