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Discover the truth about melatonin addiction and regain a peaceful night’s sleep!

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Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland, plays a vital role in regulating sleep patterns. While commonly used as a supplement for sleep disorders and jet lag, there are concerns surrounding the quality and consistency of these supplements flooding the market. Don’t fall victim to misleading products that offer too little or too much active ingredient.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll equip you with the knowledge to navigate the confusing world of melatonin supplements, so you can achieve restful sleep without the unpredictable side effects.

Is melatonin truly addictive? Unlike traditional addictive substances, such as drugs or alcohol, melatonin itself is not considered addictive. However, there is a possibility that relying too heavily on melatonin supplements could disrupt your body’s natural hormone production and create a dependence on external sources for sleep.

Don’t let misleading information keep you awake at night. Learn the truth about melatonin addiction and reclaim control over your sleep patterns.

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