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Light Chemical Peel – RajaniMD Layered Hollywood Peel – Portland, Oregon

Chemical Peel By Dr. Rajani Portland OregonA month after the light chemical peel procedure, you can return for another treatment to get the same results or go deeper for more stubborn brown pigment, pore appearance and restore a youthful glow. Getting peels monthly leads to an even greater effect. If you get them for six months in a row, it’s recommended to cease treatments for a period of time.Want to learn about the effects of a light chemical peel? This treatment will give you smooth, supple skin on whichever area is targeted. The results are subtler than those of deeper peels, so they’re best for remedying less-severe conditions like acne and light wrinkles.

Come visit Dr Rajani to discuss what light chemical peels can do for your trouble areas. Dr Rajani performs all peels himself so there is no guessing as to who will be looking after one of your most precious assets your skin.

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