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Chin augmentation is a versatile procedure that can benefit a wide range of patients. It is suitable for individuals who are looking to improve the chin’s definition and projection without undergoing surgery or using an implant. Moreover, patients who want to correct a weak or receded chin, as well as those with an asymmetrical chin, can benefit from chin augmentation.

What is the Liquid Chin Augmentation at Style Aesthetics?

The procedure involves using injectable fillers made of hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or other materials to add volume and contour to the chin. The fillers are injected into specific points of the chin to achieve the desired results. The procedure is relatively painless, and patients can expect to see the full results in a few weeks.

What are the Benefits of a Chin Augmentation?

  • Improve facial symmetry

  • The procedure is relatively painless

  • Help correct a weak or receded chin

  • Give better definition and projection

  • The appearance of unwanted sagging or double chin can be improved

What should I expect?

At Style Aesthetics, the belief in the art of natural enhancement is deeply ingrained. They’ve been acclaimed for their revolutionary approach to facial filler treatments that focus on delivering results that look and feel natural. Unlike conventional fillers, which often leave patients with an overdone or augmented appearance, their approach produces a subtle yet striking transformation that maintains the natural contours of a patient’s face.

Am I a good candidate for a Chin Augmentation with filler?

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to enhance the projection and shape of the chin. It is an ideal option for individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their chin or feel that their facial features lack balance and symmetry.

How long does the Chin Procedure take?

The treatment will be performed in a private, comfortable treatment room. This procedure takes about 10 minutes.Following the procedure, patients should expect to experience some mild swelling, which is a normal occurrence and should subside within one to two days. However, in some cases, patients may experience minor bruising, which can be easily camouflaged with makeup. It is essential to refrain from engaging in any strenuous exercise for at least twenty-four hours after the treatment to prevent exacerbating the swelling. Notably, patients can comfortably resume work and usual daily activities without any restrictions.

What are the potential side effects of a Chin Augmentation?

Dr. Rajani and his staff are highly trained to bring patients only the most safest and innovative treatments, meaning few side effects and potential complications. One of the most common side effects of chin augmentation with filler is temporary bruising, swelling, and redness at the injection site. These symptoms are usually mild and can last for a few days to a week. Depending on the amount of filler injected and the patient’s skin sensitivity, there can also be temporary discomfort, numbness or tingling sensations around the chin area.

Another potential side effect of chin augmentation with filler is the formation of nodules, lumps or bumps under the skin. These complications can arise as a result of the filler material accumulating irregularly at the injection site or being injected too superficially. Nodules and other complications can be challenging to treat and may require additional procedures to correct.

In some rare cases, serious complications such as infection, tissue damage, or necrosis (death of tissue cells) can occur. These complications are usually associated with the use of non-FDA approved fillers or when injections are performed by untrained and unqualified practitioners.

How long does the look last?

Chin augmentation is a safe and effective way to improve facial symmetry and appearance. With a wide range of fillers available, patients can achieve natural-looking results that last for several months to a year. Ultimately, the success of liquid chin augmentation is contingent upon a multitude of factors, and results can vary greatly from patient to patient.

Is there any downtime?

The Chin Augmentation procedure at Style Aesthetics is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to resume your regular activities immediately after treatment, making it a practical solution for a busy lifestyle. We encourage you to refrain from engaging in any strenuous exercise for a minimum of twenty-four hours post-treatment. It is worth noting that this period of rest is imperative to ensure that there is no inadvertent damage to the treated area, and to aid the body in its natural healing process.

How much will Chin Augmentation cost at Style Aesthetics?

Style Aesthetics strives to make each session more affordable by accepting cash, all major credit cards, and healthcare financing through CareCredit.

How do I schedule an appointment for my Chin Filler treatment at Style Aesthetics Portland location?

To get more information on enhancing your chin, or to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Rajani and his staff, call Style Aesthetics by Dr. Rajani at 503.303.8313 or text us at 831.777.5279.

Chin Augmentation Overview

6 – 18 months

Recovery Time
1 – 3 days

Treatment Time
60 – 90 minutes

Estimated Price
$850 – $1500

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